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Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Review - How Stretching Can Explode Your Muscle Growth!

 How Stretching Can Explode Your Muscle Growth:

When you think about gaining muscle, ... is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But did you know that ... plays a vital role in building ... The muscles in your

When you think about gaining muscle, stretching is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But did you know that stretching plays a vital role in building muscle?

All the muscles of your body enclosed in a bag strong connective tissue fascia known. Fascia is important for you to keep your muscles their way into your body ==>Find More Information About  Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer

But your fascia may also be holding back your muscle growth. Think for a moment about your muscles. You train them and feed them properly. They want to grow and grow, but something holds them back. They have no room to grow!

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Because fascia is so difficult not to allow the muscle room to expand. It's like a big pillow stuffing into a pillowcase small. Muscle size does not change regardless of how hard you train or how you eat because the connective tissue around the muscles of the throat muscles.

The best example is the calf muscle. The lower leg is riddled with fascia because of its tremendous weight-bearing duties in the body. It is for this reason that many trainers have great difficulty fascia developing their calves.

The solution: stretching.

With the above example pillowcase, imagine, you can increase the size of the pillowcase by stretching. Suddenly, the pillow within more space that expands to fill the new space.

By stretching your muscles under certain conditions, you can actually stretch your fascia and give your muscles more room to grow.

The key to effective fascial stretching is the pump. The best time to stretch for bags that hold the muscles grow, if your muscles are swollen with blood.

If your muscles fully inflated, they will press against the fascia. By stretching hard to increase the time that the pressure on the fascia greatly, which can lead to enlargement of the fascia.

One of the main reasons Arnold Schwarzenegger had such incredible chest development is completing his workout dumbbell chest flyes, an exercise that emphasizes the stretched position of the muscle pectorals. He pumped his chest up full of blood during exercise then flyes, holding the stretch at the bottom of the flye. This gave his chest room to grow in amazing proportions.

Fascial stretching is more rigorous than regular stretching but the results can be amazing. When you stretch hard enough to expand the fascia, you really feel! If you stretch the fascia, you must be feeling powerful traction and pressure as the muscle works against the front of the spread.

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 Make sure you do not stretch so hard that you can tear the muscles or cause injury to yourself. You will quickly learn to distinguish the difference between a good and a bad way of expansion. You should not feel any sharp pain, just a constant pull.

Hold each stretch for at least 20 to 30 seconds you need to give your dashboard to time, be affected by the road. Stretch hard like this only when you have a fully pumped muscle enter your fascia a reason to expand. If your muscles are not pumped stretch normally .

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Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Scam By Muscle Building Supplements

Muscle Building Supplements For Teens

I went through this craze of bodybuilding when I was a teenager. I wanted to build muscle and stay the next Arnold Schwarzenegger to be. Luckily I did not fall victim to these fraudulent products to do so many young people. Many natural supplements and muscle building chemicals are available on the market. Choosing the right supplement for a good cause is important, especially in the case of adolescents.

What is a supplement?

A dietary supplement is a product that is intended to supplement, that is, support and add value to your diet. One or more of the ingredients of foods Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer , amino acids, proteins, supplements are included, include various steroids and does not give you instant results as. But they will give longer lasting results and a safe. The right supplements help the synthesis of new muscle turning macronutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the muscle tissue.

Whey proteins and casein (protein powder)

Whey protein is commonly used by athletes and is one of the best protein supplements for young people. Protein is an excellent source of amino acids, which are important for body functions standard. They are readily available in the form of tongue and can be used before or after exercise. Whey protein digest quickly to a faster growth of the muscles which. Casein is also added one of the best muscle building. For most youngsters, know that whey protein, but casein is an important component of protein powder whey protein together. It's a little slow digestion, but the advantages are numerous. Protein powder uses these two sources of protein such as whey ingredients like fast digestion makes a good combination with the slow digestion casein protein.

Multi vitamins (vitamin supplements for young people)

These are not necessary if you have a simple diet. But the fast life style, increased competition, etc. remains, not much choice youths. Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer PDF Irregular, fast food and increased consumption of fast food leads to lack of vitamins in adolescents. To ensure that you get a complete diet, it is necessary to consume multivitamins. Multivitamin tablets are readily available in all drugstores, you ensure not take it too often.


Creatine is naturally produced in our bodies in the form of amino acids and is used to store energy in the muscles. Older teens can safely take creatine, but young teens should avoid it, because there is a debate among bodybuilders for its side effects. Research shows that a mixture of protein supplements, and to absorb and retain body creatine enables more creatine. Creatine increases the ability of muscles to work.

Amino acids

Although amino acids are a component of whey and casein isolated amino acid supplements are also available. Supplements such as L-glutamine is a rich source of amino acids. Amino acids and are also excellent anti-catabolic improve the immune system of the body.

Whenever possible, avoid the use of muscle building supplements. For young people in particular, it is easily possible to excellent results by simply obtaining a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Even if you take supplements, you ensure that it is done with proper guidance and in controlled amounts. In addition, all of the above supplements are also used as a dietary supplement for weight gain for young people.

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Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Review>>>Maximize muscle circumference increased

Maximize Muscle Circumference Increased

Muscles to maintain the tension length of time for the skeletal muscle hypertrophy effect is very important in the amount of anti-resistance training process, usually considered. Group training gap stretching exercises can increase muscle tension total duration to strengthen hypertrophic effect, because it can increase the variety of neurons in the effects of mechanical and metabolic stimulation, it is considered muscle hypertrophy adaptation is very important. This article will focus on stretching and restrict blood flow, hormone secretion, signaling pathways, elongated activation through road, stretched the lead to muscle circumference increased effect, tensile strength and explosive performance theme to explore.


A different exercises, including strength training class - intermittent arrangements. In order to increase the explosive power and strength, the coaches need to understand how the optimal arrangement exercises - intermittent time program to produce different load adaptation neuromuscular irritating. With the technological advances of the linear position sensors and force platform, the researchers can explore in more depth training in a single repetitive movements, kinematic and dynamic characteristics of the number of groups and the overall training sessions.

Improve understanding of sport biomechanics, emphasizing the importance of the stress applied to the muscle, strength and power of adaptation is regulated by mechanical stimulation and their interaction with other hormones and metabolic factors. However, our knowledge in this regard is still in its infancy, researchers are truly interested and committed to understanding the impact of compliance, resistance training, then still different resistance training studies of the dynamics and kinematics will last for years.

In addition to some scholars (15,38,43,44) group dynamics and kinematics of the training gap between research, study how to optimize the gap to improve motor skills there are still some defects. In other words, some activities can be added to the gap, to strengthen each group training continuity and overall motor function, the end result may be to increase the mechanical, hormonal effects and metabolic responses to provide the opportunity to improve their strength and resilience. This article will explore the theme of the added gap in thedoes Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Scam to increase muscle hypertrophy adaptability. That is to say, in order to promote recovery, additional movement in the gap phase / or maximum growth in the training phase of mechanical stimulation to maximize the training effect. Specifically, stretching for recovery, is described as enhance muscle hypertrophy adaptability, as a means of follow-up forces and strength performance. This article in the passive and active stretching means will be used, passive stretching means little or no neural activity to maintain range of motion on the basis of long elongated. Active tension, on the one hand, the muscles in resistance under gradually stretched (eccentric contraction) or muscle during contraction of its length unchanged and only increase in tension (isometric contraction) may also be both co-exist.

The Muscle Hypertrophy Meets Parameters & The Rest have shown that the strength in the amount of anti-resistance training process to obtain not only the result of neural adaptation, but also because of increased muscle cross-sectional area (10,23,25,54). In order to increase the effect of muscle hypertrophy, the researchers suggested, by a suitable load (70 - 85% of the maximum number of repetitions [RM]) for primary and intermediate, each training done 1-3 in each group Repeat 8-12 times. In addition, it is recommended in order to the appropriate slow the rate in the training process (29), slowly centripetal movement eccentric exercise (29) and then use the 1-5 seconds 1-5 seconds, the these slow heart contraction rate will resulting in muscle tension and time. (29), an experienced athlete, a cycle training program, it is recommended that 70-100% of the maximum load, n = 1-12, repeat the 3-6 group (31).
About the rest of the duration, the researchers suggest that the rest for 1-3 minutes depending on the athlete's status (42). Undoubtedly, a longer recovery time can be completed more energy and the recovery of nervous excitement, but a short time (1-2 minutes) in the gap, plus in the load and the strength of the high strength, and high strength, long the gap of the amount of anti-resistance compared to the training program, which is capable to maximize the reaction (32, 33) cause the protein synthesis of hormone secretion and metabolism. Therefore, in order to increase muscle hypertrophy adaptation to increased mechanical stimulation, hormone secretion and metabolic reaction is very useful, of course, in order to achieve this goal, we must first understand the stimulus for muscle hypertrophy.

Muscle Hypertrophy Stimulus
Undoubtedly, there are many interacting factors are the reasons of the adaptation of muscle hypertrophy. In order to ensure that the protein synthesis exceeds its decomposition, you need to load the muscle mechanical movement, metabolism, hormone secretion, signaling pathways, nutrition and recovery capabilities to maintain the best condition (3, 7, 9, 59, 60, 66). In terms of mechanical load, Toigo Boutellier (61) to prove the mechanical load has a significant positive effect on muscle hypertrophy. According to reports, the muscle tension time promoting skeletal muscle transverse and longitudinal growth of one of the important reasons. They concluded a muscle under tension is elongated to promote protein synthesis, which is an important factor to promote muscle growth in muscle atrophy and fixed cases, the reverse process will be observed (61). Is now widely accepted in the the centrifugal training and resistance training stage is stretched muscle growth has contributed much to this view (16, 20, 25, 28).

Opinion medium to high strength and muscle tension, especially in the muscles lengthen the process of contraction, the subsequent hormone secretion and metabolism is very important for the longitudinal growth of the muscle. Therefore, if the muscle hypertrophy training objectives, then these stimuli in the training phase to maximize becomes very important. However, in a resistance training class, stimulating in the entire training process is no doubt. However, the training staff during the break to do what will be an additional hypertrophic response, this argument will be the next focus of discussion.

Some topics, such as stretching promotes muscle hypertrophy and restrict blood flow, hormone and metabolic responses, signaling pathways are briefly discussed, the discussion on these topics is far from being clear statement, therefore, there have been institutional research related topics, discuss the training gap tensile Why can increase muscle hypertrophy effect, stimulate dialogue between doctors and scientists, and research. 

Tensile Cause Of Muscle Hypertrophy
Based on animal experiments, the literature on stretching to promote muscle hypertrophy. Goldspink (18) changes under the two different conditions to be fixed shortening and passive elongated rat soleus and extensor digitorum longus, according to the experimental results, that is elongated group of muscles increases the size, however, shortening The group became atrophied. This implies a passive stretch the muscles can stimulate protein synthesis, thus promoting muscle growth.

Holly and others have introduced varying degrees of tensile chicken wings to increase the length and cross-sectional area, for more than five weeks time. Basically stretching the length will change after one week, the cross-sectional area, continued for more than five weeks increased by 73-206% depending on the muscle type. Researchers conclude muscle growth and secretion of the appropriate oxidase in the stretching process, but these reactions and muscle twitch and tetanic contraction are different.

. Goldspink et al (19) conducted a survey on the impact of passive stretching, 10Hz electrical stimulation, stretching and electrical stimulation of the combination of the two together to produce insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I), protein turnover and the White Rabbit extensor digitorum longus Growth of expression. The experiment found that static stretching can cause a significant increase in IGF-I in the adaptive growth and electrical stimulation, electrical stimulation alone, however, can not lead to muscle growth. Yang et al (67) found in the study of the the White Rabbit lower limb muscles cast immobilization for 6 days time, not only to increase IGF-I expression of messenger RNA (mRNA), the larger the proportion of slow twitch fibers. These changes of the muscles along with the speed changes, the increase in muscle mass, increased and the expression of the IGF-I gene of the RNA of the total. And previous reports of the use of long-term tensile not, Coutinho et al (12) conducted a study, they take advantage of the 18 to 16-week-old Wistar rats three weeks of experimental results found stretching rats every three days soleus muscle under a fixed state for 40 minutes, effectively preventing the shortening of the muscle, and the fixed control group compared to the degree of muscle atrophy is not obvious (22 ± 40 and 37 ± 31%, respectively). In addition, the experimental muscle sarcomere number sequence length (5 ± 2%) (4 ± 4%) and muscle fiber area (16 ± 44%) compared with the contralateral muscle have been greatly increased. This study shows that passive stretching, still leads to muscle hypertrophy. Tension at the same time is also a body skeletal muscle is an important test items, because when tension continued role in embryonic skeletal muscle, and the difference between the body just is to organize the training environment is different, many of the same biochemical reactions and body muscle hypertrophy same In vitro environment, such as protein synthesis, protein accumulation of total myosin heavy chain (62).

Although most of the research in this area has a fixed pattern, but passive and active stretching lead to changes in muscle cross-sectional area can still be observed (14). Naturally, the muscle is stretched in certain load strength training case, we recommend a slow rate, the effect of the tension and tensile load increases muscle hypertrophy stimulus time. Gap in the training, if the muscle is passive or active stretching, will receive additional mechanical stimulation to promote muscle hypertrophy. This argument apparently also need systems research, to ensure that the individual is stretched at the same time does not significantly affect the number of repetitions and sets the motion dynamics.

Stretching & Restrict Blood Flow:
Passive contraction the especially active contraction can intervene in the local blood flow and muscle oxygen consumption is widely accepted, but this is due to vasoconstriction (2, 22, 48, 65). However, some other researchers noted that restrict blood flow in the muscle of different examples. For example, the blood flow to a greater extent into the the muscle central region (26, 30). These regional differences are attributed to the different regions of tissue pressure and the direction of the muscle fibers of heterogeneous pattern (structure), in the stretch and contraction of the process, which may lead to the shearing force of the blood vessel and subsequent local vascular occlusion. In this case, Poole, et al (41) found to stretch not only reduces the bloodstream, thus affecting the transport of oxygen and metabolites excluded, while it can be dynamic change RBC flow, which may further reduce blood the oxygen content, these are caused by the stretching: compression and axial drawing, reducing the vessel diameter; vasoconstriction is due to different tissue structure between the muscle fibers.

In view of the above information to the restriction of blood flow caused by ischemia-like stretching the gap in the training, especially active stretching mainly fatigue and the accumulation of metabolites may increase. The scavenging capacity of the circulation system will be reduced in this relatively isolated environment, eventually leading to lactic acid, hydrogen ion, sodium ion, and phosphate in the muscles in continuous accumulation. This explains the movement have important implications for the secretion of growth hormone. In this case, Rodney (45), and Schott (53) who found that the fatigue and the accumulation of metabolites to increase muscle strength, increase in muscle mass is very important. In addition, in the training process to restrict blood flow to increase muscle hypertrophy response has been demonstrated, which may be caused due to more supplement of type II motoneurons units of the load of the mechanical movement of the muscle fibers to be generated (36). Muscle Building Torrent The high-energy phosphate fast metabolism or other metabolites may promote muscle hypertrophy mechanism is still unknown. However, Meyer (36) has hinted that he has sufficient evidence to show that the metabolic sensor can play an important role in the growth of mediation in skeletal muscle, such as cAMP-dependent protein kinase. Restrict blood flow to skeletal muscle is a comprehensive discussion, the reader response to this topic in recent years, the literature of the retrieval of Manini and the Clark.

Stretching & Hormone Secretion
On the study of blood flow restriction Takarada et al (57, 58) found that plasma growth hormone have very large memory increased, resulting in a low load occlusion training. Ischemic environment may occur, for example, is stretched in the gap, metabolites and ions continue to accumulate rather than reduced, which in turn lead to raise the level of growth hormone secretion and insulin. According to Perrone et al study found that stretching can induce skeletal muscle growth, at the same time to promote their own insulin secretion, insulin growth of skeletal muscle is a potent growth-promoting factor, stretching can increase the level of insulin secretion in vivo. They believed that the extracellular matrix protein collagen type I and have different time dynamic tension and promote the secretion of insulin. This within-derived growth factor, perhaps for two different external stimuli on skeletal muscle growth response is very important (39).

Stretching & Signaling Pathways
Many internal factors involved in muscle hypertrophy, such as intracellular signaling (mechanical tension into intracellular signaling) (11). Many major potential molecules (for example, insulin-like growth factor, to original issue myogenic factor, protein kinase B (PKB), protein kinase B serine, threonine protein kinase B-specific protein kinase (Akt), mammalian target of rapamycin target , p70S6 kinase has been identified as one of the factors affecting skeletal muscle hypertrophy (4, 11, 37) exceeds the scope of this study, but here we can, however, extensive discussion of tension within the cell into a possibility of signal despite so, about 1 enzyme (Akt, also known as PKB) brief discussion will insight adapt to the contractile activity of the stretch. Akt plays an important role in the activation of skeletal muscle hypertrophy reaction (4, 50) Although muscle contraction the Akt truth can be activated by various types of muscle fibers in skeletal muscle is known (49), but different mechanical stimuli activate Akt secretion of the degree is still not known in a study, we found that passive stretch of 10 points to the larger increase fast twitch extensor digitorum longus Akt activity (2-fold) (49) However, Russ (47) a study proved an important role in muscle hypertrophy muscle stimulation no effect on the frequency of the signal path, but the decisive factor of the passive tension and active tension signal generated especially active tension. Russ (47) also did this documented muscle in isometric contraction of Akt is far below the level of passive extension contraction (eccentric contraction), which he inferred that if the tension is the main stimulus for Akt, then the use of passive extension of contraction (eccentric contraction) can produce a greater level of Akt is not surprising that this survey multiple results consistently show that the centrifugal contraction produce greater muscle hypertrophy adaptability in (16) than any other forms of contraction are the meaning of these findings is that implied increased muscle tension and stress levels remain passive or active stretching to a certain length, but anti- come to be able to increase the activity of Akt and subsequent muscle hypertrophy signal stimulus, For more information you can refer Sandri article (51), he is more clearly explain the role of the signaling pathway for muscle hypertrophy and atrophy.

Stretch & Stretch-Activated Channels:
Stretch stimulus channels (SACs) is the flow of calcium and sodium channels, and its permeability to increase as a response to the mechanical load, such as stretching. Studies have shown that these channels play an extremely important role in the power transmission, it will stress deformation and signal signal generation linked with (8), we have a lot of research in this area. Brandenburg and McBride (56), a study has provided us with the stretch a screenshot of the importance of the stretch-activated channels (56). They were able to show a centrifugal contraction is possible to increase the level of phosphorylation of the At or p 70S6K reduced Akt or p 70S6K of active signal transduction pathway, however, two different inhibitors of the stretch-activated channels, this signal transduction pathway is considered to be skeletal muscle factors on the activation of protein synthesis. They are summed up: stretch-activated channels in skeletal muscle activity seems to occur only in the stretch or stretching caused by the contraction period, therefore, the stretch-activated channels only centrifugal and stretching contraction to promote muscle hypertrophy signal transduction More Information About Somanabolic Muscle Program